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EAST Conference 2014 is almost here. The EAST Initiative is so excited about some new and innovative ways to stay connected to all the inspiring Conference activities, including live YouTube broadcasts of the Opening Plenary, Awards Banquet, Tech Support Olympiad and Closing Session.

Registered Conference attendees may also log on to the EventMobi Mobile Web App, sponsored by Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts, to stay updated on the schedule, social media posts and more throughout Conference.
Thursday, EAST Core schools will be hosting the EAST Core booth where each school will demonstrate and share how their EAST and EAST core teachers and students collaborated on a project with a STEM focus that includes some level of sophistication and authentic learning experiences and outcomes. 
Two EAST Core teachers and students from each school will be present during their booth time to show their media presentation and examples of their work. The presentations will encourage collaboration, community inclusion, technology with content rigor, collegiality and how the two EAST programs compliment one another.
EAST Core looks forward to celebrating with you this week at EAST Conference 2014.


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